About 3RsPlus

3RsPlus, Inc. was incorporated in 2001, but its roots extend back to 1966. 3RsPlus R&D builds upon legacy R&D conducted by a large Education Laboratory (SWRL) financed by the U S Federal government under the first Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 3RsPlus has updated the early research to reflect interim findings and continues the tradition of programmatic development to generate improved and expanded products and protocols.

3RsPlus instructional products are not just “research based.” Each product derives directly from R&D conducted by 3RsPlus. Each product includes clear specification of the instructional accomplishments that can be reliably delivered by the product. In other words, 3RsPlus accepts responsibility for product performance. If glitches are encountered in use, 3RsPlus provides the technical support to troubleshoot the matter and remedy the glitch.

3RsPlus is physically headquartered in Southern California, and corporate colleagues and partners communicate and collaborate via laptops and desktops around the world.

3RsPlus Management

Dick Schutz, Ph.D—President, CEO
Dr. Schutz, was formerly Professor of Educational Psychology at Arizona State University and was the founder and Executive Director of SWRL. He has served as President of the National Council on Educational Measurement and as Vice-President of the American Educational Research Association. He was the founding editor of the Journal of Educational Measurement, the founding journal editor of the Educational Researcher, and editor of the American Educational Research Journal. His most recent technical papers can be accessed in the Social Science Research Network: http://ssrn.com/author=1199505

Donna Farrell, ED.D—Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Farrell began her career as a public school elementary and middle school teacher. She obtained her doctorate in Educational Research and Leadership at the University of Tulsa where she and Dr. Hanson conducted a national follow-up study for the U.S. Department of Education on the long-term effects of the SWRL Kindergarten Reading Program, the forerunner to 3RsPlus Beginning Reading Program.

Upon graduation from the University of Tulsa, she became a college professor, Department Chair, and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and continued her research and writing in the areas of early childhood reading and program evaluation. In addition to her administrative duties, she supervised student and entry-year teachers and taught a number of teacher education courses, including Classroom Assessment, Early Childhood Curriculum, and Reading.

In 1998 Dr. Farrell was appointed Coordinator of Research and Evaluation for the Moreno Valley Unified School District in Southern California. In this role she coordinated and maintained the District’s Accountability and Assessment Program, conducted program evaluations, and provided data required for District, State, and Federal reporting. Upon her retirement, she became a full-time member of the 3RsPlus team. Her expertise and interest lie in the areas of teacher education, longitudinal research and program evaluation, and early reading instruction.

Ralph Hanson, Ph.D—Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Hanson earned his doctorate at the University of Chicago under the mentorship of Dr. Ben Bloom. He joined SWRL in 1969 and worked as a Senior Scientist in the area of research and evaluation. He developed program assessments, conducted program and product evaluations, and wrote numerous professional papers and articles on various aspects of testing, assessment, and evaluation methodology.

Upon leaving that position, he became a Professor of Educational Research at the University of Tulsa, and a consultant on certification testing for various professional groups. In 1986, Dr. Hanson returned to Southern California as a full-time consultant in the areas of testing, assessment, and evaluation for various educational and certification agencies. He co-founded 3RsPlus in 2001 with Drs. Schutz and Niedermeyer. His expertise and interest lie in the areas of educational program evaluation, testing, information systems development and management, and longitudinal research on human development and the impact of educational programs.

Fred Niedermeyer—Chief Instructional Officer
Dr. Niedermeyer joined SWRL in 1968 as a program developer and a Senior Scientist. He specialized in instructional product development, where he directed the development of reading and other language arts programs, and in program implementation, where he first formulated the concept of curriculum alignment. After leaving SWRL, he formed his own company, Educational Development Specialists (EDS), which has developed and distributed many supplementary instructional programs for schools in such areas as nutrition, energy conservation, and environmental education.

Upon his retirement from EDS, Dr. Niedermeyer joined 3RsPlus and currently consults with school districts and educational agencies throughout California. Recent projects have focused on such topics as life skills education, reading instruction, collaboration research, and accomplishment information systems for teachers and school nurses. His expertise and interest lie in the areas educational program development, and in data management and reporting systems.